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Child Support Modifications Attorneys in Dallas

Helping Parents Modify Child Support or Child Custody Orders

Did you know that child support and child custody orders in Texas can be modified? Many people are unaware that they are able to seek modifications after an order has been handed down. This misconception often leads to stressful situations, like failure to make support payments or other breaches, all of which might be avoided by seeking a modification with the courts. Our Dallas child support modification lawyers are experienced in helping parents seek changes to court orders and we can help you navigate the complicated legal process.

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How Do I Modify My Child Custody or Support Order?

In Texas, either parent is allowed to request that the courts review their child support order every three years. However, you are also allowed to seek an adjustment or change of your order when there has been a material and/or substantial change in your life that renders the modification necessary, regardless if it has been three years or not.

Substantial and/or material changes can include:

  • Unemployment
  • Illness
  • Relocation
  • Remarriage of the spouse receiving support
  • Allegation of abuse

Modifications are considered very seriously and only the courts can modify an order. When seeking a modification, it is recommended that you work with a lawyer familiar with the Texas Family Code to ensure that you understand the process and are aware of all of your legal options.

We Can Also Help with Court Order Enforcement

Unfortunately, there are situations that arise in which you find yourself needing assistance enforcing a court-mandated child custody or support order. If this is the case, Burns Iwuji, PLLC can help. Our child support modification attorneys in Dallas are well-versed in Texas family law and have over 15 years of experience. When you need an advocate on your side looking out for the best interest of your children, trust our team. Guided by our Christian values, we can help you and your partner through this challenging time and ensure that your children are the top priority throughout your case.

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